Why You Need A Data Catalog


In today’s environment data is produced, stored, and consumed at a rapid pace. All these data are stored in numerous systems. In this data chaos, Organizations struggle a lot to organize, maintain and use their data effectively. They are unable to find high-quality and trustworthy data to drive smarter business decisions which result in slowing down innovation and growth of the organization.

In this situation, the data catalog help organizations to gain a unified view of all data assets across their enterprise, improve trust in data, and accelerate time to insight. Using data catalog business users or business analysts could get access to trusted data in minutes.


Data Catalog With 4DAlert


It is very general that you can’t manage what you can’t quantify! No worries. 4DAlert empowers a better comprehension of how data streams inside your business.

4DAlert delivers a data catalog which comes integrated with data lineage and metadata search tools that helps analysts and other data users to find the report that they need, serves as an inventory of available reports, and provides information to evaluate fitness report for their requirement.


Here are the top 3 fields where 4DAlert provides a better: experience of Data Catalog-


a)Democratization Of Report And Data


With regards to understanding and utilizing data, reports, and its precision, it truly takes a village. 4DAlert’s social functionality built-in the data catalog empowers report proprietors to keep on improving the accessibility and quality of data and see which parties have used particular reports and for which purposes.


b)Easy Access To Governed And Trusted Data


As organizations shift towards becoming data-centric and search for the approaches to build the estimation of their metadata beyond just structural information, 4DAlert helps them structure the metadata in the most user-friendly and intuitive structure, helping end-users get greater visibility into calculations, source of data in the report, and transformations applied as data moved from source target and finally included in reports.


c)Better Understanding On Source Of Data And Calculations


4DAlert data catalog provides complete information about the reports at a user’s fingertips, helping users understand the report and data’s meaning, retrieve technical information from the data dictionary, and enable users to view calculations and journey of data through lineage and traceability diagrams.

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