4DAlert Solution Overview for Data Governance


  • API-based connection to multiple source systems – 4DAlert analytics integrates, normalizes, and categorizes siloed data sources from your enterprise transactional systems to pull various data sets which include outline agreements/ contracts, POs, invoices, accounts payable, travel & expense, and corporate card expenses into a comprehensive business intelligence data model.
  • The ability for end-users to set up rules for each alert criteria – 4DAlert provides a wizard that allows end-users to create criteria for reconciliation, tolerance for each rule, and owners who would be notified when data reconciliation goes beyond a certain threshold.
  • AI-powered Smart Alerts and Advanced analytics – 4DAlert leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated predictive advanced analytics to analyze each criterion, create alerts, and deliver the alerts to predefined owners.
  • Simple and Insightful Data Lineage – 4DAlert delivers powerful insights through a set of simplified user interfaces and tree-structured views of data structure and source. It helps you to analyze where data came from and what are the reports that consume the data and what calculations they use.
  • Data Catalog – 4DAlert provides a searchable metadata repository for data and reports within your organization. Users can use key data elements and KPIs to search meta databases and quickly identify the reports that provide the right information.
4DAlert Solution