Data Compare Tool

Data Compare

Data Compare

Leverage 4DAlert for Automated regression testing.
Move your changes to production like Rock Star.

Compare two data sets in possible two different databases developed using two different technologies.

Use Data Compare to compare data between two data sets in two different databases and alert when there is a mismatch. This functionality helps keep data to be sync among multiple databases, improving data quality and data accuracy.

Automated regression Leverage

Compare master data across systems and alerts when data is out of sync

Keeping master data the same across multiple systems is a challenge for all data practitioners. Data Compare allows comparing key master data attributes across systems and alerts when attributes are out of sync.

Leverage data compare to automate testing before each production moves

Data comparison allows you to compare data sets across systems. You could leverage this to compare the before and after the state of the data. Any major differences are highlighted and allow you to review and then decide whether t promote code to production.

Data Compare
Automated regression Leverage

Ability to alert when key attribute changes

Many times mass changes to critical attributes of master data are not communicated to downstream systems. 4DAlert tracks mass changes to critical attributes and alerts to applicable stakeholders.