Data Lineage

Enable ends users to understand the origins of data, how it moves over time and what transformations are applied

The Data lineage module of the 4DAlert solution provides a simple and intuitive visual flow that allows users to understand data and assess that information more efficiently. 4DAlert keeps track of datasets from their very origins, making it easier for end-users to identify key data sets, and classify and comprehend the flow of data.

Improve Corporate Data Literacy

The intuitive User interface allows users to understand data at a most granular level. Better the users know the source of data, the flow of data, transformation, and formulas applied to data, better their ability to analyze and draw insights from data sets. As a result, the outcome for businesses is that users can make more informed decisions at every level. 4DAlert provides a simple user intuitive tree structure that enables users to understand the flow and get the lineage at a most granular level.

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Democratization of Data

As organizations start their journey towards being data-driven companies and invest heavily in data analytics platforms and infrastructure, management looks for ROI on investment. Better the end users’ visibility into details of the data structure, flow of data, and transformations applied during the journey of data, higher their ability to analyze and get value from data. 4DAlerts provides Google kind of metadata search capability that users can use to search and interpret the origin, flow of data, and current usage of data.

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Solution scales to a diverse set of source systems built using multiple technologies, both in on-premise and in the cloud

4DAlert’s innovative and insightful user interface makes complex data flow look simpler and easier for end-users.

Data Lineage is complex. Although organizations become creative and try different options to deliver data lineage to their user community, they don’t always succeed. 4DAlert provides one of the best state-of-the-art user interfaces that helps users trace the journey of data from source to target, search metadata and generate where-used reports which makes end users’ job easier and make tasks faster.

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