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Data Surveillance and it’s Perks In the Era of Data and Digits.

Data goes a long way from the source system to reach the end-users. It takes a lot of ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) to transfer data from one database to the other and then finally reach the analytics platform to be delivered to the end-users. So, there is no room for error in the journey of data. Otherwise, the outcome is most likely to fail the expectations and requirements of the users. Therefore, data surveillance and 4DAlert have your back covered.

Our data surveillance tool not only helps to build trust in the data quality of your platform among your clients, but it has got so many other benefits as well. Let’s read on to learn more!

Data quality

Data surveillance helps with monitoring data quality. And monitoring data quality is crucial. It helps in ensuring that the data collected is meaningful and can live up to the objectives and standards of the surveillance systems worldwide as well as the users. 

Data accuracy

In a world that runs on digits, data accuracy is paramount. The reason – having accurate data is not only important but can make or break a business because the key decision-makers of business very much rely on the same data. Data surveillance also takes care of the accuracy part while ensuring the end-users always get the correct information, no matter what. Scanning and analyzing millions of data and making sure data is accurate is no child’s play. However, with data surveillance in place, it can be managed in a hassle-free way.

Data anomalies

It also helps with finding data anomalies before it gets processed and lands up in the users’ dashboard. Data anomalies can impact the entire scenario of how data is being interpreted and used. Therefore, monitoring is crucial. 

Data certification

It is vital in the age of interconnection. Until and unless data is certified and ready for the next step, the complete system might come to a halt. 

So, these are some of the most-wanted perks of 4DAlert’s data surveillance tool. A little goes a long way when your data is high-quality, accurate, certified, and free from anomalies.


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