On-Premise and Cloud Implementation

Cloud integration allows you to have fast and reliable data synchronization.

4DAlert application can run on both cloud server as well as on unframed server. Our application can connect to could application which allows you to have fast and reliable data synchronization.

A primary requirement of any organization is the ability to store data on the server. Cloud storage is a great option for many companies, as it provides cost-saving benefits along with facilities like regular data backups and the ability to scale easily.

Though there are several benefits of using the cloud for storage needs, it also has some limitations. When you use cloud storage, a fast and reliable internet connection is required else slow internet can harm your datasets, resulting in loss of data or can damage the overall accuracy of your data.

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On-Premises gives you physical control over your server. It relies on the company’s business to manage the data.

However, this platform also has some limitations. With on-premises storage, a malfunction in the system can cause you to lose your data. In this scenario, our solution allows you fully automate data reconciliation between multiple source systems and your analytics platform. It compares the source data with the target data and generates alerts when any record count mismatches or any anomaly is detected.

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