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Ability To Connect And Reconcile Data From Complex Source Systems Such As Sap, S/4, Hana, Big Data, And Cloud Platforms

  • Connection available for multiple Source Systems built using diverse Technologies which Include SAP, S/4, HANA, Oracle, and Big Data.
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Data Lineage, Metadata Search & Where-used Analysis

  • An intuitive user interface provides data lineage from reports to the origin of information, helping users spot the inherent connections of data flows and thus providing greater transparency.
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Both On-premise And Cloud Implementation (Cloud Application Management)

  • Cloud integration allows you to have fast and reliable data synchronization.
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Data Catalog, Governance, And User Adaption

  • One place for all reports with the ability for end-users to search metadata, find an overview, training materials, and FAQs for reports, thus increasing user adaption and maximizing operational efficiency.
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4DAlert Solution Overview for Data Governance


Simple and Insightful Data Lineage

4DAlert delivers powerful insights through a set of simplified user interfaces and tree-structured views of data structure and source. It helps you to analyze where data came from and what are the reports that consume the data and what calculations they use.


The ability for end-users to set up rules for each alert criteria

4DAlert provides a wizard that allows end-users to create criteria for reconciliation, tolerance for each rule, and owners who would be notified when data reconciliation goes beyond a certain threshold.


Data Catalog

4DAlert provides a searchable metadata repository for data and reports within your organization. Users can use key data elements and KPIs to search meta databases and quickly identify the reports that provide the right information.

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