Monitor the data. Not the data loads or jobs.

Data load or job statuses don’t catch the issues nor tell the whole story. The best way to ensure data is reconcile data with source or compare data in your target with historical trends.

Data Reconciliation Between Source and Target



  • Manual Reconciliation

    100’s hours of manpower spent on reconciling data between source and target

  • Automatic Reconciliation

    Automate data reconciliation and save human labor

  • Limited human resource

    Now able to reconcile everything everyday

  • Let AI and ML do the job

    100’s (what about 1000’s) of data reconciliation on daily basis

  • Not able to reconcile frequently

    Manual reconciliation is hard and time taking, so can’t be done frequently

  • Reconcile as many time as your ETL runs

    Integrate reconciliation process into your daily ETL runs

  • Reconciliation History Is Not Available

    Reconciling using excel is never easy, tracking history is even hard

  • Keep All Reconciliation History For Future Use

    Store and access all reconciliation history in one place and trace it as necessary

  • Teach Every Person How to Reconcile

    As people change role, it become difficult to teach each person on what and how to reconcile

  • AI and ML Learns Itself

    Automated AI and ML reconciles itself and learns the pattern

Anomaly Detection

Instill confidence in data and your team and Guarantee successful data deliveries.

4DAlert monitors data in your target platform and proactively compares metrics, identify issues, missing values, or column level quality issues in target data set from specific data sources and alerts data anomalies beforeend users find them or it downstream systems and consumers.


managing growth & complexity

Small team despite tremendous company growth

1-3 sourcing events held annually

Stretched team focused on key deals


automation to scale

Negotiation playbooks generated instantly

AI constantly monitor market for opportunities

Automation manages long-tail spend



  • ETL Job Status Doesn’t Tell the Story

    Just because ETL status is green doesn’t means data is correct

  • Monitor The Data Not ETL

    Analyze data after each ETL run and make sure data is consistent

  • Data Load Successful but There is No Data or Wrong Data

    ETL status may sometime be misleading

  • Get Notified When Data Is Not Consistent

    Analyze each data set after each ETL run and detect anomaly early

  • Users Screaming Because Nobody told Them That Data Is Doubled

    When users are the ones that find data issues ahead of Data team, that becomes not good scenario

  • Pro-active Communication If Data Is Wrong

    Let the tool identify issue so that you could pro-actively notify users before they find it.

  • Data Is Stale for Long Time

    Nobody knows how fresh the data is

  • Freshness is tracked for each objects

    Tool tracks how fresh data is and when did the data change last

  • Outliers Not Tracked nor Addressed

    No one tracks the outliers and hence those are not addressed, skewing the analysis

  • Outliers Tracked & Addressed on Daily Basis

    AI and ML module Tracks Outliers on Daily Basis and Alerts As necessary

  • As CDO, I have no Idea How Good Is Data Quality

    No options to track and improve data quality across the systems on an on-going basis.

  • Solution Tracks and Logs Data Issues Across System

    Track and Log all issues in once place so that data team can analyze historical occurrences and take measures to avoid the issues.


Data Catalog

4DAlert’s innovative metadata search engine helps users synthesize an organization’s data assets.

When it comes to understanding and leveraging data and its accuracy, it really does take a village. As organizations shift towards becoming data centric and look for ways to increase the value of their metadata beyond just structural information, 4DAlert helps organizations centralized metadata in one location, provide a full view of your organization’s data across databases and contains information about each specific data point’s location.



  • No Easy Way to Know What Exist In Analytics Platform

    Just because ETL status is green doesn’t means data is correct

  • Catalog Provides Metadata of Data

    Data catalog provides all meta data of each data

  • Data Redundancies

    Same data stored in multiple format and multiple structures

  • Know What Exists and Don’t Store Twice

    Get visibility into what exists

  • Dataset Searching

    Not able to know what data exists and how it exists

  • Data Searching Made Easy

    Intuitive UI/UX module makes data searching easy

  • How do I Choose The Right Data For MY Use case

    I am new, so not able to know which object or table to use my data needs

  • Let Tool Show You What Your Colleagues Use

    Our solution would show you the object usage history, meta data and other data points to help you choose the right data set.