4Dalert Reconciliation Lineage Report
4Dalert Reconciliation Lineage Report

Reconcile data, identify early and communicate proactively on any data issue and save manual reconciliation effort

Create metadata repository and establish data lineage

Develop Data catalog and create lineage from report to source data

Democratization of data

Data catalog provides complete information about the report, better understanding of the report’s meaning and purpose and definition of business glossary.

Identify relevant information and reports available in the enterprise

Catalog retrieve technical information from the data dictionary, and enable users to view relationships, issues, and sources through lineage and traceability diagrams

Enterprise wide collaboration for greater adoption

Data catalog allows users to have greater visibility to available reports and enable enterprise-wide sharing and collaboration of the reports.

Certifying and authorizing reports for wider audience

A Data catalog helps certify reports and data and authorize access of specific datasets to the appropriate users, all while offering a degree of flexibility and control.