Data Compare

Schema Compare

A reliable and leading database schema comparison tool that saves you time and effort in comparing schemas across most databases which include Snowflake, Redshift, Synapse, and SQL Server and allows you to work with live databases, script folders, and source control tools such as GIT, Azure DevOps, GitBucket and Gitlab.

Compare any database schema with another schema (i.e. dev, qa, and prod)

Compare database schemas, identify changes at an individual object and column level and decide what to promote to a higher landscape. Troubleshoot database differences, and create compare reports in HTML or Excel.

Push schema changes to your source control tool of choice(Git or Azure DevOps)

After each schema compares, you can push the changes to the choice of your source control tools such as GIT, Jenkins, and GitBucket. When you are ready to deploy changes, you can compare code from the source repository with the target database(such as qa or prod) and generate a deployment script that you could deploy directly via DevOps.

Create deployment script and move changes with Zero error

4DAlert automatically creates a deployment script (ex: ALTER TABLE…)for your target database for the changes you plan to deploy. The automatic deployment script eliminates human error and smoothens the database change deployment process.

Integrate with DevOps or other CI/CD process

4DAlert integrates with DevOps. As you do a schema compare between database and database or source control (ex: GIT) and database you generate a deployment script. This deployment script could be pushed to DevOps and then deployed automatically as part of the CI/CD process.